About us

The ‘Santia’ company, located in Wojciechowo was established in 1997. It is a private enterprise owned by Mrs. Elzbieta Swidurska-Zagorska.

From the beginning of its activity, the company has been packaging groceries, mainly tea and coffee. At the same time, the company entered the field of selling black teas. For the efficiency purposes, the company gained the Custom Service license for running customs warehouse, specialized in storing teas.

In 1998, the offer was expanded into green and red teas as well as hibiscus. Each year, the offer is being added new types and kinds of products.

Flexibility is the trump in our hand; customer’s satisfaction is our main goal. In order to meet our clients’ demands, our specialists are sent all over the world in search for greater range of tea, at the same time being very heedful as to the new species and varieties of tea, the ripening process, harvest time, production, packaging control, storing and shipping procedures.

All these actions are to ensure the highest quality of teas imported by our company. Laboratory tests, which are conducted on all of our raw products, give the feeling of security to the buyers.

The following years gave the increase in the turnover, at both local and foreign markets. Our company’s buyers come mainly from Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia.

We have created the offer of high-quality teas from all over the world thanks to the observation of local market, long-term cooperation with the clients, the knowledge and experience gained in the tea trade field. The teas are sold at specialized retail outlets, as well as tea and coffee shops, herbalist's shop and healthy food shops. The actions of the company were inspired by the desire of satisfying our clients.

The goal of our activity is constant expansion of the range of products we offer, including high-quality teas.

As a sign of our continuous care for raw and final products, the ISO and HACCP quality management systems have been implemented. They comply with the ISO 9001-2001 and DS 3027:2002 norms. The certificates awarded by an independent certification unit confirmed the highest quality of our products and consistent application of the system norms guarantees the health safety of the products offered by our company.