Red tea

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This refers to a small group of oolong teas, produced in China and in Taiwan (Formosa). They are considered the most flavoured teas in the world. Oolong does not have the tart taste like black teas. However, it has an exquisite, fruity taste, more distinct than any other tea. Due to its fuzzy features, it can be drunk with sugar and lemon, but with no milk.

Red tea combines the properties of two teas: black tea – fermented and green tea – unfermented. The process of the fermentation finishes at the stage when the edge and the ends of the leaves start turning red, after brewing, they turn black and their insides remain green.

The most popular red teas include the following:
Formosa Oolong - red tea called ‘the black dragon’, cultivated in traditional way on the plantations in Taiwan. The leaves are long, irregular and a clear peach taste. Formosa tastes best when served with sugar and lemon; it does not get bitter and can be drunk in high quantity as it contains little caffeine.
The method of preparation: 1 teaspoon per 1 cup, pour boiled water, brew for about 3 – 5 minutes.

Pu-erh is a red, partially fermented tea. The name Pu-erh comes from the name Puer, a town in Yunnan province. Unlike other teas, which should be fresh, Pu-erh has to mature in proper conditions and the production process cannot be shortened. It is very important, as during the time of maturing, the flavonoids, substances characteristic to Pu-erh tea are created. Unlike other teas, which should be drunk on an empty stomach, Pu-erh tea is drunk after a meal. Sugar should not be added, as it neutralizes most of its therapeutic properties.
The method of preparation: 1 teaspoon per 1 cup, pour boiled water, brew for about 3 – 5 minute.