Our company owns a specialist machine park for the purpose of processing teas, i.e. sorting, aromatization, blending different types of teas etc. In this way, we get different tea compositions, in accordance with client’s needs.

hala produkcyjna

We have specialized machinery and equipment for packaging of different tea bags and leaf teas, for the purposes of the current needs of the retail market.

  Production of instant teas, chicory coffee
and sugar free pastilles

Production section is also busied with the production of fruit instant teas based on sugar and tea extract in different tastes.

Precisely selected components make the tea delicious. After pouring boiling water, clear aromatic drink will attract everyone. Instant teas are also ideal for hot days. When dissolved in cold water, it makes a perfect refreshing drink.

Another important part of our offer is aromatic caffeine-free chicory coffee. We are proud to say, that we are one of the few companies in Poland, which produce chicory coffee, and the traditional methods of production give the chicory coffee a unique taste.

We also produce sugar-free pastilles based on sorbitol, which are a great supplementation in sugar-free diet. The pastilles have natural taste values with inhalation and refreshing properties.